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Anodizing is an electro-chemical process by which the surface of a metal material, commonly aluminum, is oxidized to form a porous and durable surface coating. Because the aluminum is treated on a deeper, porous-level, unlike paint, color or clear-coat is achieved that is part of the aluminum surface.

Standard and Customs Anodizing Services

We provide standard and custom anodizing services.

Standard 1 color (up to 20 pieces raw): Starting at $130.00
Custom Fades (up to 20 pieces raw): Starting at $180.00
Splash/Camo (2 color) (up to 20 pieces raw): Starting at $210.00

Other services:
Removal of original anodizing: $45.00
Polishing (Up to 20 pieces): Starting at $65.00
Sand Blasting (up to 20 pieces): Starting at $45.00
Disassembly and Re-assembly: $65.00

** All screws, o-rings, decals (stickers), jewels, oil, grease, magnets, and paint must be removed prior to shipping items to us if you wish to avoid disassembly and re-assembly service fee. Providing a sample or color swatch is recommended to match a custom desired color.

If you are not local and wish to send your marker(s) in for anodizing. Please send to the address below and be sure to include the following information with the package:

Full Name:
Return Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Quantity of parts:

** We recommend using a reputable courier service that provides insurance and tracking information. We will not be responsible for damage of any parts during transit so package well!!! **

Send Marker to:
Paintball Gateway - Anno Dept.
16921 S. Western Ave. #112
Gardena, CA. 90247

Once your package is received, we will contact you to verify and confirm the type of service you are requesting.

** Full payment is required for lasering and return shipping prior to start of project.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Us via email or 310-323-9204.