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ASG - Action Star Games Colton, CA.

ASG - Action Star Games Colton, CA.

1350 Agua Mansa Rd.
Colton, CA. ASG
909 793-6743
You must call and make a reservation!
Contacts: Karen or Wayne

Commonly referred to as "The Field of Dreams", ASG has become the "Go To" facility for tournament training. Make a reservation and check them out. Tell them Paintballgateway sent you.

** Note: ASG has a zero tolerance to drugs and fighting. Leave your attitudes at home and enjoy some great paintball. **

From their website:

Specializing in Tournament Paintball, we hold practice scrimmages every weekend, training drills and competitive events.

ASG specializes in training tournament teams who play in local and national paintball leagues.

ASG is open for drilling and scrimmaging by reservation only. Each field can hold up to 10 teams for scrimmages.

ASG is a family run field and has a NO TOLERANCE RULE for fighting or violent behavior. We do not allow drugs or alcohol on the premises. Any player or team who cannot abide by these rules will be excused from the field.

All games are supervised by experienced referees who aim to keep the games safe and fair.

Games begin at 9:00 a.m. and run until 3:00 p.m.

At ASG, we have found tournament paintball to be a fun enjoyable sport that can teach valuable life skills.

A pro-player once said, "Paintball is a crash course in life" Some of our players tell us that paintball teaches them determination and builds "heart". Others said that it teaches them how to control their anger.

We have observed that tournament paintball can teach communication skills, leadership and self confidence.

One of our main goals is to provide a safe enjoyable activity for our youth.

ASG also hosts private parties for birthdays, corporate groups, church groups, youth groups and more.

If you would like more information, or to reserve a space for your team or group, CALL US: 909-793-6743

*** NOTE: Contact them about any changes. Let them know Paintball Gateway sent you! ***