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Empire Folding Barrel Swab - Olive - (#V8)

Empire Folding Barrel Swab - Olive - (#V8)
Item# emp-36807
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Empire Folding Barrel Swab - Olive

The Battle Swab easily folds and stores in the special back swab pocket of both the Pro Series and Combat Series pants. Its thick, absorbent synthetic fleece material quickly rids your barrel of any unwanted, broken paint. The barrel swab design of a soft material coupled with a stiff internal construction allows you to spend less time unscrewing your barrel while in the battlefield, and more time shooting at your opponents. Battle Tested keeps you in the game with this durable paintball swab.

* Folding design to stow away in your pant pockets or through MOLLE webbing
* O.D. green color blends in with your gear and playing terrain
* Absorbent synthetic fleece pile to clean up paint and paint shells
* Great for use with barrels and feed necks
* Dry your barrel between games on rainy days
* Machine washable