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Empire BT TM7/TM15 Team Parts Kit - (#3D36)

Empire BT TM7/TM15 Team Parts Kit - (#3D36)
Item# emp-17798
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Empire BT TM7/TM15 Team Parts Kit

Team Parts Include:
Ball Detent Springs and Assembly
Grip, Frame, and Trigger Set Screws
Trigger Springs
Various O-Rings, Bolts and Springs
Poppets with Springs and O-Rings
Solenoid Screws and Air Transfer O-Rings
Battery Wire Harnesses
Wire Harness Guide
Bolt Rubber Tips and Bolt Guide Retention Screws
Stock Cover Plates
Battery Doors
Regulator Adjustment Screws
Shell Screws
Shell Hex Nuts
Selector Shaft and Arm
Regulator Filter and Pin Valve Opener
Lower and Upper Tube Adaptor O-Rings
Solenoid Pistons, Collars, Caps, and Spacers