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Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants - Black Large

Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants - Black Large
Item# BK-2148
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Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants - Black Large

The BK Supreme Pants are a light-weight, durable and comfortable pant designed to offer as much protection and athletic movement as possible. After more than two years of development we are very proud to present the Bunkerkings Supreme Pants.

Key Features:
• Dual Elastic Waist Adjusters
• Velcro-Fly Closing System
• Padded Knee Areas
• Reinforced Stitching
• Hi-Flow Ventilation
• Super Light
• Zippered Pockets
• Adjustable Ankles

Athletic Fit
The BK Supreme pants are constructed with an Athletic Fit designed to fit closely to your body, yet remain loose enough for airflow and movement. Finally a pair of paintball pants designed to showcase your athletic talent no matter the terrain or weather.

Adjustable Waist
Dual Elastic bands along the waist line provide an easy-to-adjust method of securing the pant to your body for the perfect fit . The adjustable waist allows for up to 5-inches of variation within each size.

Quadruple stitched seams in critical areas of the knee pad completely eliminate the chances of tearing in the knees. Every other area of the paint is constructed with double stitch ballistic nylon thread to increase overall strength and provide a worry-free experience.

Velcro Fly:
A velcro latch system has been developed in order to secure the crotch area of your pant while eliminating troublesome zippers or plastic buckles. By using velcro, the Supreme Pant has proven superior in comfort and reliability

Integrated Padding
Padding has been built into the knees to lessen the impact of intense game play. The Supreme Pant also offers a removable crotch pad to further advance your custom fit. Remove the pad for more room or keep it in for total protection.

Squeegee Holsters
Slide your barrel squeegees into a convenient pocket on either side of the pant for ease of access on and off the field. These pockets are located on the back of the thigh, as to not interfere with sliding.

Elastic Flex Zones
The Supreme Pant utilizes elastic flex zones in various locations for optimized mobility. Flex zones also offer the user a more comfortable fit and the necessary ‘give’ in order to provide stability during the rigors of Paintball.

Adjustable Ankles
Ankle adjusters, which operate similarly to the Supreme Pant waist adjusters, have been utilized in order to further the comfort and fit of the pant. With these you will be able to taper the lower leg to your desired preference.