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Deadlywind Apex2 Fusion Barrel Adapter - (#3D49)

Deadlywind Apex2 Fusion Barrel Adapter - (#3D49)
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Deadlywind Apex2 Fusion Barrel Adapter

The StinkOps Fusion from Deadlywind is a tool-less adapter for mounting an Apex2(tm) tip onto the end of a Fibur, Whip Tip, or Null barrel. The tool-less quick clamping method of the Fusion compliments the Apex2 tool-less design.

This is only the adapter. You will need the tip from an Apex2 barrel and either a Fibur or Null barrel to mount it to.

The Null version includes a removable sizer ring to fit the smaller Null barrel. It is backwards compatible with the Fibur.

The Fusion + Apex2 tip will add 3" total length to the end of your barrel. So if you have a 12" Fibur, this setup will make it 15" long tip to tail.

Combine with the StinkOps Reskin for the ultimate Apex2/DW package.

The Apex2 is ball-spinning technology made and sold by Empire(tm). If you already have one, great!

Tech specs:
- Weight: 1.2oz
- Material: Black Delrin body, 6061 dust black anodized aluminum clamping ring.
- ID bore is approx 0.84" x 3.5" deep. The barrels (except the Null) are around 0.83" OD. So, yes, you can use this with any other barrel that is this same OD +/- 0.01". (But we don't know why in the world you'd want to do that..)