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Gold Cup Gun Oil 8oz - (#3D44)

Gold Cup Gun Oil 8oz - (#3D44)
Item# emp-64016
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Gold Cup Gun Oil - 8oz.

Gold Cup was specifically formulated to be used in your paint gun because of the special requirements needed during play. While playing in cold weather conditions and using CO2, most lubricants will become too thick for continued operation, or in hot weather will dissipate too quickly-not so with Gold Cup. With additives that prevent freezing in cold weather and an extremely high boiling point, this lubricant will handle all of the toughest playing conditions! With the introduction of nitrogen, (compressed gas), all makes of semi's that could not be used in cold weather are being used all year round, and this makes lubrication more important than ever, and Gold Cup excels under all of these conditions. Gold Cup is not adversely effected by the use of high pressure under any playing conditions on the planet!!!! Gold Cup is the most complete lubricant on the market today and should be used on all moving parts and o-rings for overall protection.