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DISCONTINUED - GOG G-1M Paintball Gun - Black

DISCONTINUED - GOG G-1M Paintball Gun - Black
Item# gog-G1M001

GOG G-1M Paintball Gun - Black

The newly redesigned GOG G-1M Mechanical Tactical Paintball Gun is better than ever before and comes fully loaded right out of the box.

Starting with the aesthetics, this gun just looks like it is meant to be on any scenario field whether it’s a large woodsball field or a close quarter’s match. It features a very durable body, a front foregrip, and tons of picatinny rails that allow for attachments. Sticking out of the body is a tactical barrel that features a muzzle break for that authentic look. All GoG G-1M Mechanical Tactical Paintball guns will come with both a 6 point collapsible stock and a rear block off plate. This allows you to switch between a smaller gun for CQB or a longer gun for more stability and longer range type shots.

The GoG G-1M paintball gun features a true pneumatic design, just like what is inside the GoG eNMEy. That means this gun is fully mechanical and does not use batteries, hammers, or springs for operation. The bolt mechanism is 1 piece and operates by itself with just the use of gas. Due to this design, maintenance is extremely simple and low. To remove the bolt, simply take off the stock or rear block off plate and unscrew the bolt cap. The bolt mechanism will then pull out in one piece for maintenance. Simply lubricate the o-rings on the bolt and you are done!

The pneumatic spool valve design allows the GoG G-1M to shoot with little or no recoil. Pull the trigger as fast as you can and this bad boy will stay on target with ease. The single trigger features one of the shortest and lightest trigger pulls on the market to allow for high rates of fire.

Geared for any scenario player, the GOG G-1M Mechanical Tactical Paintball Gun can operate off of CO2 or Compressed Air. An integrated relief valve protects the marker from fluctuating pressure from CO2 tanks which means no damaged internals! Everything about this gun has been designed with simplicity and durability in mind. For the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck and this will surely be a contender to any other scenario marker out there.

True Pneumatic Design
No Batteries, No Hammer, No Sear, No Metal on Metal wear points. The G-1M valve is not powered by springs, instead it is operated by precisely balanced gas pressure.

Spool Valve Design
This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy with only one moving parts serving as both the main valve and bolt. The G-M1 is both reliable and easy to maintain.

Composite/Aluminum Components
Utilizing the best materials for each component, the G-1M surrounds a stable, hard anodized aluminum receiver with a lightweight, durable nylon/fiber composite shell.

Regulated Low Pressure
A vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation. Running at 160psi nominal, the G-1M is gentle on paint and silky smooth with little to no recoil.

Telescoping Stock
Fully extended for a sniper shot or tucked in tight for close quarters, the G-1M stock locks into multiple positions to perfectly fit any player or it can be easily removed for quick moving action.

Co2 Compatible
An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve component from pressure spikes associated with liquid co2.

• Marker Type: .68 Cal Mechanical Pneumatic
• Barrel Length: 14”
• Multi-Position Telescoping Stock
• Vertical Feed Tube
• Safety Barrel Cover
• Spare Parts