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GXG 140 Round Paintball Pod - Yellow

GXG 140 Round Paintball Pod - Yellow
Item# GXG-159YELL
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GXG 140 Round Paintball Pod - Yellow

Standard size 140 round pod with flip top snap lid (Actually it only holds approximately 130 like everything else rated 140). You can kick it, throw it, shoot it. Everybody uses these. It is labeled black but its really translucent black. Stealthy but you can still see how much paint is in it. Built like a tank and almost indestructible. At this price, you wont even have to pick them up after you throw them.

Features include:

  • Tight fitting Flip Top lid so your paint ends up on your opponent instead of the ground especially on a vertical configuration type harness
  • Standard 140 Round design
  • Bell Mouth for easy loading of paint into loader
  • Extended tab on lip for easy and quick lid opening
  • Chamfered mouth is designed so the pod doesn't fall out of your harness accidentally
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning after a days play
  • Satin Finish so your paint doesn't cook in the sun