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Inception Designs Gun Case - Large - (#S7)

Inception Designs Gun Case - Large - (#S7)
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Inception Designs Gun Case - Large

This is a high quality protective case to protect your paintball marker.

Specifically designed for:
Inception Designs Hornet Autococker
Inception Designs Hornet Pump Gun
Inception Designs Sleeper Autococker
Inception Designs Sleeper Pump Gun
Inception Designs Predator Autococker
Inception Designs Predator Pump Gun
Empire Sniper Pump Gun
Empire Resurrection Autocockers

The inside dimensions are approx 17" X 10" X 2.5"

It comes with universal fit "egg shell" style foam to accept any paintball gun and accessories.

Both sides have sewn in straps to securely locate your gun and parts.

It also has red cloth divider that allows you to put parts in both sides of the case and they won't touch each other when the case is closed.