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JT Splatmaster Optix Paintball Goggle - Black

JT Splatmaster Optix Paintball Goggle - Black
Item# emp-23095
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JT Splatmaster Optix Paintball Goggle - Black

Splatmaster Optix Goggle
Safety is Priority #1 for JT SplatMaster, and JT SplatMaster Optix provides you complete eye protection. JT SplatMaster Optix meets or exceeds regulated ASTM safety standards for eye protection against JT SplatMaster Ammo. A stealthy, low profile frame with an optically correct polished anit-fog lens ensure clear range of sight. Designed to fit comfortably on young SplatMasters, the design has a fully adjustable strap for a customized fit. One size fits most.

WARNING: Always wear Full eye protection specifically designed for JT Splatmaster or paintball. Eye protection must be worn by the user and any person within range; full face protection (see JT SplatMaster Optix Upgrade) required for player vs. player play and any person within range.

Stealth, low profile frame
Crystal clear, optically polished anti-fog lens
Complete eye protection from JT SplatMaster Ammo
Comfortable fit for all ages
Secure adjustable strap comfortable fit for all ages