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Laser Engraving

Custom Laser Engraving

Laser engraving on anodized aluminum does not alter the structure of the material. It removes the top layer so that the colored parts will turn white-grey. However there is the possibility that some parts are darker or lighter than others. Even close to brown is possible. This is due to the composition of the aluminum and the thickness of the anodized layer.

Laser engravers work just like a standard desktop inkjet printer. Except, instead of injecting ink on a piece of paper, a laser engraver bleaches the dye in the anodized coating. This process reveals the base color of the aluminum, and produces a high contract white marking. Nothing is added to the surface, and thus it cannot be chipped or removed. The only way to remove laser engraving is to re-anodize the gun.

** The laser engraving process will in most cases not affect manufacturers warranty of the marker.

- Text engraving - starting at $30.00
- Logo engraving - starting at $50.00
- Full body engraving - starting at $75.00
- Full body and frame engraving - starting at $100.00
- Complete gun engraving - starting at $150.00

- Vector Conversions - starting at $25.00
- Stock Artwork - starting at $150.00
- Custom Artwork - starting at $180.00
- Artwork Modifications - starting at $25.00

Return Shipping:
- UPS Ground $15.00 - $20.00
- Expedited shipping available.

** Notes: Not all the designs will fit you’re marker!

- All artwork designs must be provided as a vectorized file (cdr or eps extension) to Send File
- Design must be monochromatic. Only black and white no shades of gray or colors. The machine recognizes all black parts on the design and only those will be engraved.
Make sure that the delivered design is inverted. The file must be full size and fit the parts to be engraved
- Be advised that if you use text that it's mirrored on the back of your design.

What to do next?

Unlike anodizing, most guns do not need to be completely disassembled to be engraved. At the bare minimum, any gauges or angled fittings must be removed, so the gun can sit flat on both sides. Therefore, it will depend on the artwork and gun model. The laser will not penetrate aluminum, so most internals don't have to be removed. If your design extends down the frame, you'll need to remove the grips, board, and possibly the eyes and solenoid depending on the gun model.

** Side note: Remove all parts (electronic and mechanical parts) that does not need lasering, send only the parts (plus mounting hardware such as screws) that should be engraved to avoid confusion.

If you are not local and wish to send your marker(s) in for lasering. You may ship the gun to us.

Please include the following information with the package:

Full Name:
Return Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Type of Marker:
Type of Service(s):
Itemized list of parts:

** We recommend using a reputable courier service that provides insurance and tracking information. We will not be responsible for damage of any parts during transit so package well!!! **

Send Marker to:
Paintball Gateway - Laser Dept.
16921 S. Western Ave. #112
Gardena, CA. 90247

Once your package is received, we will contact you to verify and confirm the type of service you are requesting.

** Full payment is required prior to start of project. Additional charges apply to changes or modifications of the design.

If you're unsure what has to be removed, please feel free to Contact Us via email or 310-323-9204.