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DISCONTINUED - Planet Eclipse LVR Paintball Gun - Blue Shadows

DISCONTINUED - Planet Eclipse LVR Paintball Gun - Blue Shadows
Item# ple-MARKG24F0300

Planet Eclipse LVR Paintball Gun - Blue Shadows

The LV1.1 Pro has proven time-and-again to be the ultimate embodiment of the Eclipse Ego and poppet-valve markers in general. Its lightweight yet robust construction, its incredibly refined shot characteristics and quiet signature and its bullet-proof reliability are un-paralleled in this segment.

But there is always room for improvement. Even the most subtle of changes can make something great, even better. And the 'R' package achieves just that.

With a stripped-back approach to body styling and the addition of the incredible Shaft FL carbon fibre barrel system, the LVR is the most refined LV to date. Lighter, rarer and more focused, the LVR joins the CSR in an elite group. A group of markers coveted by many, but owned by only a few. A marker that stirs the soul. That becomes a part of you. The keeper. The one you own and never let go.

Lighter, rarer and more focused. The LVR.

LVR Features:
Completely new R-Line sculpted body
40g+ lighter than the LV1.1 Pro
Planet Eclipse / DeadlyWind Carbon Fibre Shaft FL Barrel tip
Planet Eclipse / DeadlyWind Shaft FL bore inserts (x3) (.681, .685, .689)
Streamlined Cure 5 bolt
Built using the LV1.1 Pro operational platform