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Rufus Dawg Tippmann X7 Wicked Bolt - Black - (#3N9)

Rufus Dawg Tippmann X7 Wicked Bolt - Black - (#3N9)
Item# ruf-tippx7wickedboltblk
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Rufus Dawg Tippmann X7 Wicked Bolt - Black

Venturi Bolt Design:
Allows more even distribution of the Air Blast on the paintball. The result is a more consistent shot due to less deformation of the ball.

Full Paintball Cradle:
Full conical shape on the front of the bolt which "Cradles" the ball so it does not deform on contact.

Flexible Rear Seal:
Provides a full seal around the power tube without extra drag or friction.

Guide Rails:
The rails provide an outer track to guide the bolt inside the body. Less contact results in less friction and wear.

Recessed Pockets:
The recessed pockets on the outer shape are designed to hold paint and shell fragments from broken paintballs, keeping them from hurting performance.

Delrin Material:
Molded from Delrin, a strong self lubricating plastic.

** Only fits Tippmann X7 **