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Tippmann X7/Phenom Collapsible Car Stock - Black - (#T21)

Tippmann X7/Phenom Collapsible Car Stock - Black - (#T21)
Item# tip-T275046
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Tippmann X7/Phenom Collapsible Car Stock - Black

The rugged X7 CAR stock can be adjusted during play, providing a customizable, stable shooting platform that can greatly enhance accuracy. Its glass-filled nylon composite construction and convenient field adaptability make the CAR stock a practical, durable buttstock that can be installed on your Tippmann X7 quickly and easily. The stock length is adjusted by simply depressing the position lever and extending or retracting the position tube to the desired length and then releasing the lever to lock the stock into position. The marker's rear push pins are used to provide a simple, yet solid attachment point for the CAR stock.

The X7 CAR buttstock is another component of the X7's comprehensive modular system of custom paintball solutions. Featuring killer looks, quality functionality, and a virtually unlimited variety of interchangeable mods that are easy to use, the X7 line of mods opens the door to a whole new world of premium, user-friendly paintball marker mods. If your needs vary from game to game or you haven't found the perfect sized stock, the adjustable X7 CAR may be the ideal buttstock solution for you.

Special Features:
- Versatile CAR stock offers six different positions, ranging in length from 7.5 to 11.5-inches
- Easily adjustable during play
- High-strength, weatherproof construction
- Easy installation and solid attachment point
- Durable, glass-filled nylon composite construction
- Includes six-position tube, locking lever and stock

Technical Specifications:
Length: Positions range from 7.5 inches to 11.5 inches
Height (at buttplate): 5.25 inches