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Virtue N-Charge Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Fits all Virtue Spire & Dye Rotor Loaders) - (#V13)

Virtue N-Charge Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Fits all Virtue Spire & Dye Rotor Loaders) - (#V13)
Item# VIR-816204020764
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Virtue N-Charge Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Fits all Spires & Rotors)

The VIRTUE N-Charge is an easy to install rechargeable battery pack providing better performance over traditional AA batteries in a lightweight package. Never buy batteries again thanks to the easy USB charging port. Recharge on the fly using a phone charger, laptop, or external battery pack. Never wonder again if your AA batteries have enough juice to get you through the next game. With the N-Charge, simply press the built-in battery indicator button and get an immediate report on how much power you have left.

The VIRTUE N-Charge will power an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 shots depending on the loader used and the type of playing conditions. In general, the N-Charge will provide as many shots on your loader as high-end lithium ion AA batteries would, but now you have a built in battery indicator to verify exactly when to recharge.

If you’re not sure if using a rechargeable battery pack for your loader is a good idea, ask yourself, when the last time you bought AA batteries for your phone or camera? The answer is clear, the VIRTUE N-Charge is the ultimate solution for powering your loader. It’s more cost effective and convenient when you consider how easy and plentiful USB recharging devices already are.

Key Features:
• Easy Plug-n-Play installation
• Includes parts for all Spires (iR, 200, 260, III, 280) & Dye Rotors (R2, Rotor, LTR)
• More Consistent Performance over AA Batteries.
• Built-in Battery Level Indicator
• 33% Lighter than AA Batteries.
• Improved Cold Weather Performance
• Up to 20,000-50,000 Shots Per Charge (estimated usage)
• Holds power longer than AA batteries.
• More Reliable – won’t leak and damage your loader electronics while in storage.
• Less Waste – never buy and dispose of batteries for your loader again.
• No Recharge Memory – ok to partially charge unlike traditional rechargeable batteries.