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Virtue Spire 260 Paintball Loader - Graphic Orange

Virtue Spire 260 Paintball Loader - Graphic Orange
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Virtue Spire 260 Paintball Loader - Graphic Orange

The new Spire260 is just under a half inch bigger than a Spire but still smaller than other loader but holds a massive true260 rounds. Virtue Spire 260 looks almost identical to the original Spire.

The Virtue Spire 260 is the next generation in loader technology with a shot activated sensor, jam-proof feeding system and a tool-less design that can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds. Not only is the Spire an aggressive, lightweight, and compact design, but it also holds more paint than the leading competitors.

• Shot Activated G-Force Sensor Technology
• Simple Two-Step, Tool-less Disassembly
• Feeds Super Fragile Paint
• Ultra Fast, Never Jams
• True 260™ Capacity
• Lowest Profile in Paintball
• Long Battery Life
• Hassle Free Operation

The Spire is the first “non-aftermarket” product by Virtue, which allowed us to design and optimized the hardware and software from the ground up.

Fast and Jam-Proof Feeding
With an Intelligent Shot Activated G-Force sensor, the Spire sits at the top with the fastest feeding loaders in paintball, but speed doesn’t count for much unless a hopper can also feed reliably without jams. The Spring Loaded Anti-Jam Paddle seamlessly prevents jams by sliding underneath and pushing jams out of the way before a pause in feeding occurs.

High Capacity in a Small Package
Play with a smaller profile thanks to the vertically stacked gearbox and the unique angular shape of the Spire. By housing the gearbox in a vertical stack inside of the Spire